Different Types of Hair Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions provide a damage free and semi-permanent bond. Wearers will have seamless and natural looking hair without paying the high price of other types of extensions. Tape in extensions take only about an hour to put in, and can be reused granted the extension is treated with care, and , new tape. These type of extensions, just like real hair, are more fragile when wet. It’s recommended to blow dry wet hair before combing to avoid pulling the bond. A professional should always put in and take out the extension. Professionals are trained to place the extension properly so there is a no visibility bond to the wearer or anyone else. These extensions are able to be used with heat and all hair styles.

Keratin extensions are made of real, unprocessed, human hair. Taking about three to four hours to complete, the extensions are placed on the head by melting 50 strands of keratin tipped hair onto the wearers natural hair.The extensions can be placed on using heat or an ultrasonic wave gun. Going to a salon that uses an ultrasonic wave gun will provide the client with an application that won’t put heat on the head. These extensions can last about a year but will need to be maintained every six months. To take them out a solution is used and this will take about three hours to complete. They can be used with heat and any hair style.

Sew-in extensions are wefts of hair that are sewn into the foundation of the head. Done at home or in a salon sew-in extensions using cornrows and braids. The sew-in method can be very damaging. If the hair is braided to tight, the head could become painful and the braids can be felt through the hair. Also, the tighter the braid, the more damage. The braiding method may not be discreet, as well as hard to wash. These extensions will only last one to six weeks and can be painful the first few days, though the easiest to take out. They can be used with heat, but try to find a natural style with these as they could be seen.  Do you need a new hair replacement specialist near Dallax, TX?

Synthetic hair extensions are a cheaper alternative to human hair and add thickness and volume. They hold style very well and stand up to rain and humidity better than human hair. Heat styles can last a few days, though heat can melt the hair. It is strongly advised to use care when using heat. Heat-friendly synthetic hair can last about three months, while others can last up to 6 months. This option is easier on the pocket up front, but human hair will provide longer use and durability.

Human hair is the premium and most popular option for extensions, though more expensive. With human hair extensions the user can expect real hair with real movement. Human hair can be used and treated as the users own hair and replicates flowing natural hair, that synthetic does not provide. With human hair, you get what you pay for, so use caution when trying to find cheaper products. Human hair does need to be treated with products designed for their specific use, and be kept hydrated. Like real hair they will need to be styled and require maintenance.